Friday, June 8, 2012

Writing Beans - Part 2

There is nothing quite like sitting in a warm, cozily lit coffee shop, sipping a hot latte and painting story scenes. Especially when the weather drops to -40 and the sun crochets the mornings ice fog into lace, covered the trees in shimmering starkly in the daylight.

Stretching, one can watch the shop slowly fill and empty of residents, bundled like Michelin Tire men and vehicles bump down the road square tires.

Every once in awhile there's the opportunity to share a cup with a friend, or notice a specific detail which can make a story more vibrant in detail or description.

Hmmm.... look at that scarf with the paisley reds and blues and yellows. Did the woman wearing it just grab it to help layer against the cold or does it hold some significance for her? Faye would so wear that, it will be her favourite, in that scene where she goes to meet Steph for the first time; a meeting she will later regret. The scarf will eventually become saturated with memories best forgotten and wind up in a second hand shop down on Commercial...

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