Sunday, July 8, 2012

Character Question 3 - Who is Sauri?

Sauri Ann McLintock was born on the 6th of May, 26 years ago. She had married young and had the expected 2 children, one boy and one girl. She lived, with her husband Miguel, in the upstairs apartment of a pink stucco building with wide window sills, downtown at the end of Wood Street. The sidewalk ran in front, and there was an empty lot across the street, behind the graveyard.

Sauri would describe herself as a mother and wife, but in truth she wasn't sure who she was anymore. Had her chosen identities taken over her entire being; she felt smothered. This wasn't her, well, it was, it was part of who she was; she'd always wanted to be a mother, a wife, it was the expected womanly role, but what of her? She didn't know anymore. Where was she? Who was she? Did she really like that pair of black socks or did she just wear them because it was expected, because that was what she had... of were they truly her and what she liked?

She sighed... fear gripped her and threatened to bury her alive as she leashed her retriever, Keltie, and carefully locked the house door, running up the trail onto the bluff where she would be able to breath easier and have room to think. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Character Question 2

If Sauri had the choice, she would spent her day with Meg by the ocean, building sand castles, finding baby crabs and digging clams. But here, there was no beach, no clams, no little baby crabs being dive bombed by gulls looking for a feast. Skipping rocks along the river, casting spinners for greyling and watching Keltie run up and down the shoreline barking at sticks floating by was the best she could do.

Sometimes, they would get lucky and see a beaver or a canoeist paddling by, but more often they simply grinned greetings at the others taking advantage of the riverside walk in the hot summer afternoon. Usually ending their adventure at the local cafĂ©, munching a hot scone and sipping lattĂ©.