Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Character Question 1

I have decided to explore my characters by wondering about things which I come across and how they would react to them.

If Sauri were to go into an attic and find: A doll house, a bird cage, a cedar chest, clothes, baseball cards, a tennis racket, a bicycle, a blender, a mouse trap, a frying pan, movies, a ball glove, a suitcase and a tennis racket. What would she keep?

The doll house sat empty in the attic for a decade by the time the old lady died and her daughter put the whole house up for sale. If Miguel hadn't bought it, Sauri would never have found it and the whole situation might have been avoided. No, who was she kidding, the situation would still have happened, it just might have taken longer, in the end.

Meg would have fun with it, she thought, as she dragged it down the stairs and into the living room. It was fortunate she'd found it. The birdcage, blender, mouse trap, frying pan, movies, cedar chest, baseball cards and ball glove would go in the garage sale. But the suitcase she would keep, along with the bicycle and the tennis racket.

Clarence, assumed the house was his and moved in before Meg could even come home from school and see the find. "Don't get too comfy," Sauri said, knowing Meg would kick the cat out as soon as she got home. She was, however, proven wrong.

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