Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writing Beans - Part 1

As a coffee shop writer I really enjoy the number of different, privately owned, homegrown coffee shops which are available to me.

Bean North is a local roaster which resides 20 minutes outside the city centre, by a popular swimming hole, the Takhini Hot Springs. It boasts city personas looking for a change, local cross-country skiers ending their morning and those topping off a sightseeing trip from the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

The thing which sets Bean North out from the other shops is it's little rooms and the art/crafts in the shop. There are hand knit items as well as metal crafted wall hangings. The rooms are furnished by couches, chairs, coffee tables as well as taller tables and chairs; one room has a small stove in it, which makes it toasty on a 40 below winter morning. 

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