Monday, June 20, 2011

Six Word Stories

In my grand scheme to drop my truck at the shop at 8 a.m. one morning and walk to Icicle Sport to pick up a new rim for my son’s bike, his had the misfortune of being “bike racked” at school, I neglected to realize Icicle didn’t open until 10. 

Thankfully, Midnight Sun Coffee Roaster, which operates out of the back of the bike shop, was open at 8:30. so, I wandered in, bought a muffin, ordered a coffee and sat down on the bar counter to peruse the supply of reading materials in their little shelf. 

For anyone who's never been to Midnight Sun, the books available are very eclectic ranging from short stories, short novels, stuff about coffee, recipe books, etc. and all have interesting titles. This morning, wanting something light my eye happened upon “Six Word Memoirs.”
The idea of a six word story intrigued me. Having attempted my had at writing a 30 word story in December I was curious as to how a story could be told in 6 words.  
In the hour and a half it took for the bike shop to slowly awaken, I read most of the book. Some of the stories were ingenious and heart wrenching and many reminded me of Haiku's. They all started with one idea and ended with a slight twist or unexpected change in direction. 
As I headed off with my new rim to check bus schedules, I contemplated how I might later tell my morning experiences in a 6 word memoir. 
Drove downtown, got rim, rode home. 
Went to bike shop for coffee.
Coffee in hand, I drank stories.
If you were to tell a story in 6 words I wonder what it would be....

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