Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A word in Telepathy

I am slowly returning to the land of the living and have been meaning to begin writing posts for awhile. Indeed I started several, but did not get the time required to sit down and finish them as there was so much I wanted to put into them it was very daunting.

When Heathbird suggested telepathy I grinned :)  "Of course she was thinking that. I should have known." Indeed her suggestion was no surprise in the light of a recent conversation we'd had. Thank you, Heathbird. It was just the word I needed to jump start me into posting :)

The subject of telepathy has intrigued me for sometime and indeed I have had experiences which I can only describe as being like telepathy in many ways. These experiences found their way into the first novel I began in 2005 (I think) and is a fantasy piece. Back in 2005 I had begun reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series and was delighted at the cleverness with which he wove the modern world into the history behind the current world in which his story was taking place and the way he wove in belief systems and enough "real" and plausible experiences that it became alive in a way no fantasy world had ever lived in my mind before. He was genius in this way.

The Novel I began at that time is set in "The Dominion of the Four Winds." The dominion is made up of four countries under one rule.

In the book there are 3 main characters. They are triplets, sisters who were separated at birth for reasons of necessity. None of the girls knows of the existence of her siblings and each, due to circumstances beyond their control, go on a search of for their roots. During their search they begin having odd experiences. They begin passing feelings from one to another in a similar way as I envision telepathy to work. They also occasionally see out of the eyes of one of the other girls in cases where the absent sister is experiencing a traumatic event. At the end of the book two of the sisters find their family and each other. Everyone is concerned about whether the third is alive and because they have, by then, figured out the connection between them the girls are able to not only tell their clan that she is alive, but also where she is.

The book is the second in a series and needs some major rewrites as it is missing some very important character arcs and is thus still a project under construction, but one I hope to eventually finish along with it's counterparts.

I hope those of you who decided to use the Word of the Day as inspiration had as much fun with the word Telepathy as I did. 


  1. I was really happy when I read it was just the word you needed! Now that weeks have passed by, what became of the three sisters, did they already get their chance??? - As I´m still reading in some of Marion Zimmer Bradley´s "Darkover" novels, I know how confusing a net of telepathic relationships can be... ;-D

  2. :) Well, they realize at the end of the book that they have this connection and learn they are the heirs tot he throne. But I haven't done much work on it since this post as I really need to figure out the character arcs. The book is mainly plot driven right now and needs more.

    I haven't heard of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover" novels. I would like to explore those. I have only heard of her Avalon series, which is good. I have read a few of those.