Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Ideas

Last summer my friend Emilia and I went to Dawson City for the music festival. In my wanderings I was surprised to come across this sign, on a building I can only assume is the festival office, which looked nothing like the logo which had been on all the events advertising or t-shirts. There is something about it's simple honest text which pleased me.

While I was there I was struck by an idea for a photo series. A story in pictures. And so this year as I ready to depart again for the festival to experience the wave of music dancing through the air, composed to bring joy, sadness, and elation and despair to the appreciative audience, I go with a fresh set of film, my camera and a mission.


  1. This looks in fact inviting.
    But you know, you´ve just put upon yourself the duty to go and enter this building this year and tell us what´s actually in it, don´t you!? ;D
    At least to tell it to me, who am not likely ever to get a chance to come to Dawson City herself...
    (just kidding -- I just like riddles so very much...)

  2. Of course : )

    You will be guaranteed to hear all about it with all the suspenseful details.

  3. lol.... Sorry, I totally got busy with other things. Thanks for the reminder. Dawson this year was a blast. I spent a good afternoon exploring through the eye of my camera and discovered many things. Some of which I put in my follow up post.

    My 8 year old thinks it's the best place ever and would gladly move there he has such a great time chatting with all the vendors, listening to music, and of course got to taste a "storm." (his replacement word for a Blizzard). A storm/blizzard is where they take candy and ice cream and stir it all up together so it's soft, but oh so cold! And you eat it with a spoon and finish off with a straw. It was a first.

    The old building which fascinates me is still there, and there's still orange fence around it because it's to unstable to enter, same with the church that intrigues me. Of course, if I was still 8, I would go in anyways, but now I'm old(er) I think of odd things like safety and thus am sane. (I hope). Will send a couple pics with my next email... still awaiting the development of my black and whites :)

    ps.... remind me if I forget... am really busy right now with work and preparation for the fall.