Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rising through Time

Every writer knows, when your not actually writing it doesn't mean your not writing; it simply means your subconscious brain is working on what it is you want to say, putting the puzzle of words and ideas together into some semblance translatable to your conscious brain and the keyboard at hand.

In my case, I know it's time to sit down with pen or keyboard when my brain starts talking to me in phrases which quickly transform into full fledged sentences, begging to be heard. In fact, this phenomenon happens at inconvenient times, like during a meeting or in the middle of the night, with astounding frequency.  Sometimes these words can be put on hold and other times I find myself jotting them down on a piece of scrap paper as fast as I can write, as with this weeks word, before they once more disappear into the ether. 
When the word “floating” was given to me by Heathbird I was immediately intrigued. This was a powerful word, a word of infinite possibilities and many, many thoughts leapt to immediate consideration all vying for space.

I thought of this picture, of a Golden Eagle taking flight on air and how they soar above the land. I thought of the physical sensation of floating - every molecule of my body disconnected and yet whole at the same time, soft, fuzzy, surreal. I thought of wind and blowing leaves, boating and yes, sex.

I wasn't sure which idea I wanted to follow. Lacking the time to ponder, I allowed them to sit and swirl around in my mind along with the projects I'm working on until tonight; as I lay half-asleep, they solidified into one idea. These lines came so clearly that I had to write them down for further exploration. I believe they are the beginning or the end of a story I’m working on and I am eager to discover where they belong. 
"Her presence will always ghost my life, floating just out of sight of my conscious mind. And I will always wonder what would have happened had I chosen to be friends, had I not ran, had I been less shy and more comfortable with myself and how I felt."
I'm saddened for I can see this character is regretful. Will she remember that the future does not have to be dictated by the past as we so often think and be strong enough to rise above it and try and change things in the future? 
It is these very questions and feelings which drive me to write more, to explore, to be surprised and to get excited for and with the characters I create as they begin to come alive.

Note: The photo above was taken at the lake right near the start of the Atlin Road. I got within 20 feet of him before he decided to fly on the air with his huge wings and later perch in a willow to watch me. 

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