Saturday, August 18, 2012

What hot coffee?

Do all writer's have a definitive taste for cold coffee? I used to blame my indifference to coffee temperature on having children, but perhaps it's the habit of sipping, pondering, and writing which is really to blame. How can one write and maintain a hot beverage? Would this be the real reason behind the invention of insulated mugs; the idea of being able to allow hours of writing to pass without any decline in drink temperature?

In the absence of the ability to write in my favourite coffee shop, a culture I truly miss, and the intrigue in what providing small hot cups of satisfaction to people on a daily basis might be like, I have decided to explore a fictional coffee shop. This coffee shop series will be written over time along with a very dear friend and will be my playground for the next while and I hope you will join me as I experiment with the many different flavours which will arise on my journey into this fictitious world located at #6 Marigold Plaza.

If the man in the black suit and tie hadn’t bumped into me, I probably wouldn’t have discovered the many secrets behind the red door. As I picked myself off it’s painted front, a raven’s reflection flitted across the shiny small diamond window hanging over the black number 6. I looked up and down the cobbled sidewalk; no one had noticed me, stance against the curious door in the brick alcove, catching my breath against the strong supportive grain. I slid through the doorway into the rich interior of creamy chocolate and coffee, lit by two large windows watching the colourful circus of passers...

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