Monday, May 28, 2012

Projects and Story Beginnings

Stellars Jay in Skagway, Alaska.

The past winter has been so full school commitments I haven't had the time I wanted to blog or write. However, I am 2 courses closer to my degree and that's a good thing.

Now, with summer approaching, I have made it a goal to at least get more writing done despite the other projects I want to start: a garden, roller skate practice to become a roller derby ref, walks, family, volunteer work, my mandolin (which has been sorrily neglected too), etc. I admit, have always been more optimistic and had way more projects than can be finished at once.

So, this will be a summer of writing about life... new expansions, gardens, and the odd fiction story or two. It should be a good one, sunshine, clouds, rain showers and all round living.


PS. I have finally started my story with the Inukshuk...

The day the snowbirds came I followed the Inukshuk down, down into a starlit land. A land which hasn’t see the warm sun of day, nor the cold light of the moon. A land where distance becomes compressed, hours - minutes, miles - a few steps. A land where one can travel from winter to summer in the space of a few minutes...

What do you think??

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