Friday, August 26, 2011

Story Ponderings

In real life one can find oneself thinking about someone for no apparent reason. Imagine if this person lived in a different province and then... days after you were wondering about them you run into them in a small community town an hour from your house, as happened to me recently. Is there really such a thing as fate or coincidence? One could argue that it's a question of energy and if two people think of each other it makes the chances of meeting greater... that the energy we put out affects what happens around us. One could also argue that everything is random and can be explained mathematically and can be calculated using probability.

For myself, I am always awed when things like this happen and have to wonder why it is if things coincide like this in a short story or novel, it seems contrived? Why must we surround pleasantly surprising turns of events with foreshadowing to make this phenomenon acceptable to the reader so they do not perceive it as the unique unexpected gift and totally wonderful occurrence it can be, but rather see it as the only logical solution or unfolding of events in the story arc.

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  1. Where your heart rests on, there you go... (-:

    It´s reason, the soul´s youngest but at the same time most arrogant sprout, that demands a logical proof for everything it shall accept as real.
    Fortunately, reality doesn´t bother about human reason all too much..., so the invisible realities of life proceed to exist undisturbed by the degree of our growing understanding, and by this keep maintaining us... (-;

    By the way, if you become quiet and look closer, there might be still a lot more of such timid "forebodings", quite like the fact that you had your aquaintance on your mind, spontanously. You need not be superstitious to become aware of them. So why not build our stories after the example of this our own experience?

    Anyway, I believe to feel awed is healthy, also for readers. (-;