Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coffee Contemplations

Coffee seems to be one of the stimulants most writer's have in common. On a recent trip to a cute little coffee shop about 20 minutes out of town I took a photo of their selection.

When I came across it this morning I began contemplating characters and coffee. As I am currently still in the middle of revising the story about Simon, I find myself wondering what kind of coffee he actually likes to drink - if any.

I'm not sure why this is important to know, but I somehow feel that his taste in coffee is pivotal to this final revision... like I'm going to add something which will just pop the story from the mediocre to the masterpiece with whatever detail it is I'm going to add. I think it has something to do connection and grounding, everyone who drinks coffee understands the importance of a good cup and how it makes them feel.

What kind of coffee does your character like?

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